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Personal Statement個人陳述模板,小編個大家提供了一份PS模板,大家可以根據自己的經歷適當調整內容。 我叫XX,來自XX大學國際學院,主修XX。現在我正在申請XX大學,我相信這所大學的進一步學
Personal Statement個人陳述模板,小編個大家提供了一份PS模板,大家可以根據自己的經歷適當調整內容。
My name is XX, coming from International College of XX University of Foreign Student, and my major is XX. Now I am applying for the University of XX, and I am convinced that the further study in this university will equip me with sufficient knowledge in business and bring me great atmosphere of academic study. So I decide to choose this university as the place to widen my horizon and achieve my career goal through hard work.
XX is a beautiful place which lies in the XX. I have spent two years in this place and have a great time studying and living here. I am an outgoing girl who loves to make friends and enjoy new experience in life. I like singing, dancing and reading. When I was in XX, I was served as volunteers and I gained high responsibility not only for others but for organization, so I can get along well with other students and is willing to help others.
I have spent two years at XX and this time, and I am applying for the University of XX for my third-year study. Since this university is famous enough in its language and business major, so when focusing on international business, I also spend a lot of time training my language skills. Now I can speak English fluently and my written English is also good. Referring to my major, under the guide of professor_ and my self-study, I got a lot of knowledge in business and raised great interest in business. Trough my hard work, I got scholarship at Grade one and I was proud of my achievement. Apart from my academic work, I also took part in many activities to improve my social skills and meet more different people. These experience is the most precious memory in my college life and plays a important role in my personality cultivation.
After two-year study in XX, I realize that my knowledge at this time is not sufficient to deal with future challenge since competition becomes fiercer. It is a necessity for me to get advanced business program. Now it is time for me to consider my future career path and I believe that the University of XX will not only afford me advanced knowledge in business, but will lay a firm foundation for the development of my business career.
The University of XX has good reputation and is famous for its teaching advantages. The subject of business makes it more attractive for me. In my mind, it is the perfect school for me for I can fulfill myself with business knowledge and achieve my career goal at this university, so I would like to choose your university and I believe that my behavior will not make you disappointed.
My career goal is to become a business man settling complex business affairs with comprehensive knowledge in business filed , and I believe that a university course will help me achieve my goal. With those experiences in life and study, I believe that my preparation for future will make me succeed in both study and career.
Above all, I have strong desire to go to the University of XX even if I am not that excellent. If I were enrolled in your university, I will spend time focusing on my study as well as self-improvement to be a greater student.

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